Are you involved in the cosmetic industry, or are you an aspiring beauty therapist looking for laser hair removal training? Laser hair removal has rapidly gained popularity and is now one of the most preferred hairs removal methods.

By acquiring the appropriate laser hair removal training, you can treat several areas of the body and tend to all skin types. Different methods have surfaced with developments in technology, and a credible beauty therapist needs to keep themselves aware of the rising trends and techniques. IPL methods were highly regarded in the past, but now it is necessary to familiarize yourself with SHR if you’re receiving laser hair removal training and aren’t already familiar with the process.

When doing laser hair removal treatments, large amounts of energy are bombarded on the client’s skin, heating the hair follicles. SHR uses a slightly different technique to fire only small bits of life to heat the hair follicles. One thing to keep in mind during your laser hair removal training is the duration of receiving the treatment. It’s a permanent method that requires at least six sessions. For facial hair, clients need to have a session after every 4-6 weeks, and for body hair, clients need to visit their beauty therapist after every 6-8 weeks.

Before conducting the laser hair removal process, you will have to do a patch test, which will help determine if the client’s skin is suited for laser hair removal or tends to have an adverse or allergic reaction. During the hair removal training process, an essential thing to remember is to inform clients not to go for their monthly wax sessions as this could disrupt the entire process. It would help if you also recommended your clients to avoid tanning as it makes it difficult for the laser to work effectively and yield optimum results.

The laser hair removal training process will teach you about the anatomy of the body and facial hair, as well as everything you need to know about hair follicles. You will also learn about the hair growth cycle and how it differs from people to people, and the role that hormonal changes play in the growth of body hair. Your training will also require you to have a thorough understanding of disorders and treatments regarding hair growth and the safety and health procedures that need to be followed while carrying out laser hair removal.


As an alternative to shaving, tweezing and waxing, laser hair removal training can help you eliminate all unwanted body hair within a few sessions and that too permanently. Laser hair removal has significant advantages over other hair removal methods as it offers greater precision, speed, and the assurance of permanent hair removal. Unlike other hair removal methods, laser hair removal requires preparation as it is a proper medical procedure that can only be carried out by professionals who have acquired the necessary laser hair removal training.

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