How do you fancy 2020 being hair free and hassle free?

Now the Summer months have gone there is no better time than now to start your laser hair removal with the Award Winning Soprano Platinum Ice Laser!

Just book online your FREE Soprano Skin Test before 30th November 2019
and following your consultation buy your half-price Laser Hair removal treatments.

Your wellbeing first? All your questions will be answered and treatment explained in full when you have your medical consultation and FREE Skin test by your Laser Specialist Gina Collins with over 20 years experience as a cosmetic beauty therapist and trainer!

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Gina Collins Laser Hair Removal

Why laser hair removal?

Can you imagine not having to spend all that time and effort shaving or without the hours of pain with waxing next year…And all the years after! What will you do with your Free time and money?

You potentially can spend up to £60 a month for bikini, full leg & underarm. The cost of waxing is approximately £720 a year! So just based on 30 years of waxing is over £21,000 a tremendous amount of money and just think how many hours of pain!

A course of laser hair removal will save you even more money or choose pay as you go option if you would prefer to tie it in with your payday…either way it will cost you a small fraction of your lifetime of waxing.

How many sessions of Laser Hair Removal do you need?


Well, a course of 6 normally does the job but there can be exceptions depending on skin types and also hormone imbalances. Treatments should be 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Does it hurt? Most definitely not with our award-winning Soprano Platinum Ice. This treatment is super cool as in it has an extremely cold ice tip that gives you a virtually pain-free treatment as one of our clients said ‘WOW I can’t feel a thing – it’s just a bit cold!’

Gina is fabulous with lots of different aesthetic treatments from fillers to facials and even B12 vitamin boost injections and the fabulous new treatment PROFOUND but always keeping it natural. It’s just refining the beauty you already have which fits so well with the Satori ethics!

One I can personally recommend is the Soprano Laser Skin Tightening regeneration treatment which stimulates collagen to the deepest level. Results are outstanding and help with genetics and the natural ageing process that can cause the skin to lose elasticity over time.  Using a light-based solution to heat up the deeper layers of your skin and help tighten up the skin. Facial Wrinkles/Skin Folds/Loss of Volume or Definition/Sagging Skin/Cellulite

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