Scalp Micropigmentation- How it works and is it right for you?

Scalp Micropigmentation – JOSH’S STORY


It can get overlooked how a lot of men feel when they lose their hair, with lots of men finding it inevitable. More and more men are finding their hair loss starting younger in their lives and having no choice or control over it. Your hair is an extension of who you are and part of your identity, so what solutions do we have to help people through this process? It’s not just wigs or hairpieces you have to consider… scalp micropigmentation is a process similar to the hugely popular micropigmentation/microblading. Using a variety of colours and needle sizes using carbon based ink tiny dots are built upon the client’s scalp to create the illusion of a hair follicle. It may not give you sprouting locks but the results are highly impressive. After an in-depth consultation, which covers medical history, skin testing, allergy tests and the client’s expectations, the process can begin. Tailored to create the most natural finish, working with the original follicle and recession, the hairline and depth are built up subtly through 4 sessions, with an additional fifth session for any tweaks. Once the service is completed it can last between 3-5 years dependent on skin type, how well the scalp is protected, medication taken and sun exposure.

One of our clients Josh has recently undergone the full procedure. Josh is a hairdresser working in a salon environment every day with a vast understanding of hair. We asked him what it was that drew him to having this service…

“I have seen previous results on the treatment and loved what I saw. I wanted something that looked natural, wasn’t going to be a huge immediate change and that wasn’t really obvious to everyone else. I definitely think It’s made me more confident, able to walk around without wearing a hat and has made me feel more relaxed and happy.

I would recommend this to anyone feeling their confidence has been knocked by hair loss, but it is essential to do your research to find a great artist.”

It is 100% essential to do your research into the best cosmetic practitioner, someone with great knowledge on everything from skin type to the look you would like to achieve. Look into who they have trained with and make sure they are part of a great team. Before and after photos and client testimonials are great places to start, as well as looking at qualifications and other merits the practitioner has achieved.

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